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by popsbury

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Maybe 05:41
Maybe I'll seek understanding, From Walden Pond to Lhasa's peaks. Maybe I'll forget the whole business, Distractions prove I'm very weak. It's wise of course to seek understanding, If you find it please share it with me, I'll be waiting at the bodhi tree. In the meantime I'll be Minding my business, Patiently. The world's a crowded place we say, With more arriving every day. And I've got things on my mind But the story of the wind is that it doesn't care. I've got all existence on my mind, So pinch me I'm alive. I'm searching for things that I can't find, So pinch me I'm alive. We rise, and we rise (above). Gravity unites everything, who on earth would disagree? Photons hold hands to radiate, just another mystery. It's wise of course to seek understanding, Perhaps one day it will seek out me. I'll be waiting for it now and forever, Hoping patiently it finds its way to me. Every moment is entertainment, Meaningful or meaning-free. I don't think I'll ever understand it, Even if I live for a whole century. I'm still seeking out understanding, And I'm happy that you're seeking with me We'll find each other at that shady tree.
Fish 04:58
Take a photograph of me, Is there something that you will see? If you take a photo, Will I, will I not appear? Now I see clearly, It wasn't about me, As if I wasn't even there. The easy thing is not to care. It's only love that's breaking me down I didn't stick at all, You mean there's no you and me? It's all pretty crazy. It didn't stick at all, It's just a bit too extreme, Both real and a dream. And it's only love that's breaking me down. I stayed away from all trouble, I didn't play in the street, But still I learned there are few things that luck can't beat. And though I learned to love somebody, They didn't learn to love me. It's the tale of the tape, A lesson of life, The story of fish in the sea. The rich and the poor man, The young and the old man, All of the people, Need our love.
True 07:35
I don't mind that you're not interested, I don't mind, I'm just losing my mind. But if we had a month of Sundays, There would be no way that we could frown. And if we found love together, Then it's meant to be, together and free. We're meant to be, together and free. I think that we're meant to be together, All I wanted was to be set free. Magical thinking rules the day, Wishful thoughts can't make you stay. I can hope and pray but either way, You might choose to run so far away. Fantasies come easily, But they can't make you look at me. And it's you love, over and over, It's you love I glance at over my shoulder. You might come to me on some sweet day, You might choose to run so far away. Truly, please come on over, Truly love I'm truly true, Win lose draw I'll show myself to you. Win lose draw I hope to stand next to you. Is it true, love? Is it you? But I know something, I think that something, I feel that something sometime will come by my way some day soon. Baby, I can't help thinking that we'll find something. (Just let it go, just walk away) We will find each other some kind of way. I know we'll find each other some kind of way. I know things will be better now, I know things will improve. Wanting less makes me much happier, I know things will improve. I know to let go, I know things will improve. I feel better now I know what I'm supposed to do, Drop self-absorption altogether. Changing weather, the predictions are coming true, I feel better now I know what I'm supposed to do, I feel better, free forever.


released March 7, 2017


all rights reserved




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